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Why List in a Legal Directory?

Date Added: February 21, 2010 03:23:52 PM
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Anyone serious about promoting their law firm should add your URL of your law firm's website to every Law Directory they can. It's just good business to promote your law firm on the Internet.

Many people just think of the additional traffic a link will bring when they are buying a listing in a legal directory.  But Legal Directories provide you with many additional benefits.  The most important is linking. When a link in a Legal Directory points to your website your "link popularity' is enhanced, your Google Page Rank increases and your law firm website moves up in the search engine results.  Obtaining a listing some of the top ranked general SEO directories like and is also a good idea.

But it also provides branding for your firm's online marketing so when a person needs legal services they think of you.  

Any good website directory will make sure your link is "live" and does not have a "no-follow" tag. A "no-follow" tag prevents the site from passing any page rank to your website. Don't waste your time using a directory that uses a "no-follow" tag.  All the links on Lawyer Directory are "do-follow" links.

Why should a directory charge you for your listing? A good website link manager will personally review each newly submitted link to make sure that the listing is appropriate for their directory and is listed in the most appropriate category.  A link directory filled with spam links promoting Viagra and porn sites will be ignored by search engines and may hurt your search engine ranking. Link directories are bombarded by robots submitting spam and sites that are not appropriate for a legal directory. It takes a substantial amount of time to review the submitted sites to make sure they are legal related and listed in the correct category.  And this has to done on a regular basis in order to maintain a quality Legal Directory.

To be of value to a directory's users the listings must be in the proper category. Many submissions are in improper categories, often because the person submitting the link didn't take the time to find the best category or because they wanted the listing in a higher more general category like Lawyers instead of the more appropriate Alabama Lawyers.  It is best if your link is placed in the most specific category possible. Being categorized more closely with similar websites is beneficial to your link. Also being at the top or one of the few links in a category is better than being at the bottom of a higher category with hundreds of listings.

In a paid directory the link master will take the time to place your listing in the appropriate category instead of just deleting your submission. And takes time to rework all the new listings.

Buying a "Featured Link" upgrade is often worth the few dollars it costs.  It give you top position in your category to help the search engines find you and the larger type and colored background are eye catching.

Legal Directories are essential for building visibility and to support a successful link building campaign and charging a small fee to review your law firm's website is necessary if a link manager is going to maintain and promote his directory properly.

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