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What Can a Personal Injury Attorney Do for Me?

Date Added: November 08, 2008 12:17:03 AM
Author: MARIA
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If you're suffering from an injury or the wrongful death of a loved one brought on by someone else's carelessness, you've already got enough to worry about trying to move on with your future and take back your life. That's why it's so vitally important for you to have a good personal injury lawyer on your side. They'll take control of your battle to defend your legal rights, and they'll throw their knowledge and their very expensive degree behind you 100% of the way so you have a best-odds chance of receiving the settlement you deserve.

What Kind of Compensation am I Entitled To?

All too often a victim will hesitate to contact a personal injury lawyer to fight their case because they don't realize that they are entitled to compensation-or what the compensation entails. Although every individual case is going to be different, a general rule of thumb is that if your injury or the death of a loved one was caused by another party's carelessness you're entitled to compensation for most, if not all, of the expenses resulting from the incident. This can include (but is not limited to):

• Your medical bills
• The cost of your rehabilitative therapy
• The expense of in home care, if necessary
• Child care for the time you are unable to care for your children yourself
• Any property damage resulting from the accident
• Your pain and suffering
• Your lost wages for the time you are unable to work as a result of your injuries, or the wages lost as a result of the wrongful death of the primary provider in your household

Your personal injury lawyer will be the one to work with you and the legal counsel of the other party to determine a settlement that is both fair and just, and will give you the financial means you need to pick yourself up and move forward.

How Will My Personal Injury Lawyer Arrange My Settlement?

After your lawyer has worked with you to outline all the details of your claim and gather irrefutable evidence of the guilt of the parties responsible, they will then approach the other legal counsel to present a fair bargain for settlement. The good news is that most claims settle out of court, with the parties involved seeking to avoid the expense and the bad publicity of an extended trial. They will cut your personal injury lawyer a check, your lawyer will deduct their legal fees from that amount (since most personal injury lawyers work on contingency rather than a flat fee scale, you don't pay a dime unless you receive a settlement) and you'll have your settlement in your hand in no time.

If your case does go to trail, your personal injury lawyer will represent you the whole way to present your case to a judge, defend your innocence the other party's culpability and convince the judge to order the settlement you need to move on with your life.

For more information about all types of injuries, accidents, and wrongful death lawsuits visit the Injury Lawyer Group

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