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Date Added: April 15, 2010 10:40:32 PM
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Link building, as the name suggests, is an act of building links for search engine optimization purposes. There are many ways of building inbound links to a website, but some are more efficient and effective than others. Here are the three most efficient and effective ways to build inbound links to your site and bolster your search engine rankings.

- Social media is an effective resource for relevant inbound links. To get started, simply add the AddThis Bookmark on your site and notify your site visitors that you would like them to bookmark your content on all the social media sites they visit. This means therefore that your clients will be creating your inbound links for you, and it doesn’t get any easier than that. It doesn’t really matter whether you are an ardent user of social media sites or not, although you ought to be if you are really serious about SEO, it is a simple, effortless and painless tool that can create lots of relevant inbound links for you.

- Article marketing – this is one of the greatest and exceptionally effective search engine optimization tools for generating inbound links, in addition to serving other useful purposes as well. For one, article marketing helps you create relevant content for your site. It also helps you in establishing yourself as an authority in your field. Basically when you write articles and submit to article directories, there is the provision of filling out the resource boxes provided by the article directories, and this is where you put your business website URL. And because the search engines reward inbound links from well-respected and well established sites that have higher search engine results, you boost your search engine rankings by simply submitting your articles in such directories.

- The third effective link building way is using Google Alerts. This is simply where you figure out the keywords you wish to promote in your SEO campaign and then sign up for Google Alerts for each of the keywords. Therefore, each time a new site or web page is created with the keywords you have opted to optimize for, you will be alerted where you can then visit the site or page and leave a comment together with a link back to your own web page or site. Obviously, you have to be cautious and only comment if you know you can positively contribute to the discussion. If you become too persistent, you might as well turn off the very individuals you hope to capture their attention.

The whole idea of using Google Alerts to build inbound links is to be part of a larger community that is talking about your services and products. It is advisable to be part of this community in the most natural way possible by offering sound advice and listening to what others in the community have to say.

While the search engines give higher rankings to websites that have relevant informative content, they also value inbound links from authoritative and relevant websites. As such, link building is a priceless SEO tool that you should familiarize yourself with. is the hottest SEO Optimized Link Directory going!

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