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Top Qualities A Court Reporter Must Possess

Date Added: February 20, 2010 04:15:52 PM
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Top Qualities A Court Reporter Must Possess

Author: Shel Leyasdf

Need for skills development to Court Reporter
Court reporters hold a very responsible position in the legal system. At some point be in text books all over the world and after all you get to see history being made and every word you write down may. A court reporter's job is to record everything said in court by everyone present.

You will be required to take notes in shorthand or use a stenotype machine or even a shorthand machine for your convenience as a court reporter. If requested by the attorneys, judges or even the public you ought to be capable of supplying records of every one of the court actions.

In court you may have to interrupt proceedings to ask speakers to clarify anything that is inaudible or not clear and while you're on the job. One example of when you may be asked to address the courtroom is when an officer of the court needs a transcript repeated. Checking the authenticity of transcripts by the method of comparing copies with the original will a part of your job.

As already pretty easy to see, court reporters need really great listening skills. Your listening skills must be honed to perfection in fact. Nothing can be missed and everything said in court must be recorded.

In the end, you do not desire to miss out on anything that's said, do ya? So that you are better able to take records of what follows and you also need to be able to interpret all that is being said as it is being said. Sometimes, if it is not clear, as was already mentioned, you should check what has been said.

Time management is another skill which is invaluable in this profession. You should have excellent time management skill which includes not only your own time, but other people's time too.

In addition, you must have the ability to record all that is being said correctly. This indicates that you have to speed up your side. This will come with many hours of repeat behavior, but it may not be easy to find the time to practice! So while at work you need to be lightning fast. Having the natural ability to accomplish the task is necessary.

Is also something that you need to be able to do properly as a court reporter is equipment selection. So that you can do your job with more perfection, you need to know what to use at what time. This means that some general technical skills are required if you are interested in working as a court reporter.

As a court reporter, you must have a thorough knowledge of English, legal and medical terms. If you are not fluent in the language or if you don't understand the terms you must document, then you aren't eligible to become a court reporter because you must understand it correctly to be able to transcribe it correctly.

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