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The Role Of A Maryland Criminal Lawyer

Date Added: February 20, 2010 04:14:34 PM
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The Role Of A Maryland Criminal Lawyer

Author: KyleTravis

Your Maryland criminal lawyer will provide you with legal counsel and present your defense case in your criminal court case.  Once you are arrested or charged with a criminal offense then you should seek to hire a lawyer as soon as possible to represent you.

A criminal offense is defined under state law which is a combination of local government, federal and government legislation.  Each state will set their own laws according to their jurisdiction and the penalties that should be given should someone be convicted.  The definition of a criminal offense is an act which caused danger or damage to person or persons or to the wider society.  Because each state will set their own laws you need to find a lawyer who practices within the state in which the crime was committed, for example, a crime committed in Maryland would require the services of a Maryland criminal lawyer.

A defense lawyer will work to seek the best possible judgment for their client, whether it be a full acquittal of all charges, acquittal on some charges or a more lenient sentence due to extenuating circumstances.  The penalties for a criminal conviction range from large fines and community service orders to probation orders and jail terms.  The penalty given will depend upon the nature of the crime committed, the strength of the evidence against you and the discretion of the judge.

Before your case goes to court, the prosecution will look to gather enough evidence to bring the case to trial.  A criminal will go to trial whether the victim or victims wish it or not and can also be dismissed against the wishes of the victims.  Your defense lawyer will look to counter the prosecution’s evidence by presenting alternative evidence, discrediting the legitimacy of the evidence and cross examining witnesses.

When you first meet with your Maryland criminal lawyer you should tell them everything to do with your case including the circumstances surrounding it, your arrest and subsequent dealings with the police or authorities.  You should also let them know of any previous convictions as these may have a bearing on your case.  Your lawyer will then be able to advise you on how best to proceed with your defense, including whether or not entering into a plea bargain may be your best course of action.

Finding a lawyer in your area can be as simple as asking friends and family for recommendations, checking out online legal directories for contact details of lawyers in your state and asking for a referral from your local bar association.  Try to meet with at least two or three different lawyers before making a decision about to hire and base that decision not only on experience but also on how comfortable you are with them and how much they will cost you!

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