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Public Records Searches

Date Added: February 20, 2010 04:24:00 PM
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Public Records Searches

Author: John Paul

As you may be aware, divorce records are of public record, and there are many reasons for the pulling and examination of them in the future. Where minor children are involved, however, all divorce papers and information will remain sealed in order to protect the innocent children from having their information accessed by the public. All other cases are open and you are able to get to them, as long as you have the key pieces of information that you will need in order to help the county clerk pull up the files. These vital parts of the search are solely upto you to provide, so be sure that you are prepared to answer these questions either in person or online.


There are many helpful online search sites that will compile information of public record for all 50 states for you, and these are a great place to begin your query. The only issue that you will run into online is that the percentage of divorce records that are actually scanned and stored in an online database is so miniscule, you will nearly never find readable divorce decrees or filings online. You will be redirected, however, to a place where you can query the source and find that which you seek.


Divorce papers are an important means of identification and of tying the parties to a set time, date, name, address, and other vital facts during the time of the marriage and at separation. There are also many cases where the division of property is very detailed and is attached to the final granting record, so there may be assets and debts that can be linked back to one or both parties in cases of financial disputes later down the road. Whatever your reasons for needing to obtain public divorce records on a person, you will not be asked to disclose them at the time of your query.


You will want to get the case number is you can, as this makes the entire process much easier for both you and for the clerk who will be asked to search tens of thousands of records to find the one that you need. If you have dates, full legal names, and all of those other important details, it will help you immensely with both your online and your in person queries. Remember that no records will be available to you for divorces with minor children involved.

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