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Niche Directories

Date Added: August 10, 2008 05:42:04 PM
Author: M Gravlee
A niche directory is a link directory that targets a specific market like the travel industry, or even a smaller niche like travel in Mexico, or even only villas for rent in a local area.  They can be as specific as the creator of the directory desires.  Niche directories can increase the number of targeted visitors to your site substantially.

Why only list your site on the Google, MSN and Yahoo search engines?  If your site doesn't get into the Top 30 positions (first 3 pages) for the search phrase you get lost in the thousands of results and are rarely found.  Even with great SEO, getting in the Top 30 positons is difficult.

Niche market directories are a better way to promote your website. Don't overlook the search engines, but definitely use niche directories to promote your site.

Why Niche Market Directories Work...

It's Free Advertising!  Most niche market directories offer free listings, which are a great way to promote your site without any out of pocket cost.

You get to select your Category.  Directories, by their nature, are divided into categories and sub-categories and you can select the specific category that is most suitable for your site.

You can control your listings.  Most niche market directories allow you to supply your own Title and Description for your site, the search engines don't.

You get targeted visitors.  Since the directory is already targeting your market, the visitor that clicks on your URL is looking for what you offer on your site.  Which generates a higher conversion rate since that user is already targeted, your chances of getting an inquiry is much higher than the generic traffic you get from the search engines.

They increase your chances of being found on search engines.  These niche directories are also listed in the search engines. And often even your listings in the directories will get listed in the search engines.  All of which means more traffic for your site.

They can increase your site's Page Rank.  A major component of the search engine ranking algorithms are backlinks (links on other sites that link to you). A link to your site in a directory that is focused on your market can increase your site's popularity and help increase your Google PageRank.  A backlink from a site in your category that has a high pagerank is best.

Most directories have different listing options.  Most often they have both FREE and paid listing options. The paid listings offer more exposure to your web site than the free listings.  Some listing options that are often available are featured listings, one-way links and reciprocal links.  If you chose to add a reciprocal link back to the niche directory you will be helping to increase the directory popularity and everybody benefits.  While these options usually are not free they can increase your visibility not only in the directory but also on all the search engines.

They become your partner in the marketing of your site.  Successful directory operators promote their directories on a continuing basis to increase the number of visitors to their directory.  You piggyback on their marketing without spending any effort or money.

To find directories in your targeted market search Google using "(your niche market) submit link" then list your site and start getting more traffic today!

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