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How to File For Bankruptcy

Date Added: April 25, 2010 09:26:24 PM
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If you are of the opinion that being bankrupt is the worst that could ever happen to you, you are totally mistaken because the worst is yet to come. The worst comes in hiring the wrong attorney for the job. You can however reduce the chances of the worst scenario by making informed decisions, i.e. hiring the best man, or woman thereof, for the job. Like anything else in this world today, you have to do lots of research before you hire someone to handle your case – a bankruptcy attorney who will help uproot you from the bankruptcy quagmire that you are in.

Facts about Attorneys

While it is ok to ask friends and family for referrals on the best attorneys, this may not always lead you to the best attorney, unless of course the friend or family has been through filing for bankruptcy. However, it may prove useful to take advice from friends from the legal profession.
Most attorneys today are not qualified enough to pursue a bankruptcy case thus they don’t meet your expectations. A good indicator of just how qualified the attorney is, is a certificate.
Most attorneys today are overworked hence may not be able to give maximum attention to all full details that pertain to your case. You may end up feeling that the attorney is not pursuing the case as it should be, thus leaving you irritated and frustrated.

Once you get the attorney you feel might be right for you, you can proceed ahead and strike a conversation with them and ask him questions. How he responds to the questions you ask, and generally how he presents himself to you will tell a lot about the attorney. Inquire about his working experience, expertise, and consultation hours.

Once you are satisfied with the attorney, the first thing that you should do is to discuss with him the kind of bankruptcy that you should file for. Be advised that there are eight different types of filing for bankruptcy. An experienced attorney will best guide you on which type fits your situation perfectly. The second thing you should ask is exactly how you should proceed to file for bankruptcy. For starters, you ought to file for bankruptcy in your state, or where you are living. The attorney should prepare the necessary paperwork required for court presentation.

The third thing that you ought to inquire about is the fees involved in filing for bankruptcy. Keep in mind that the figure mentioned comprises the attorney’s and the court fees required. The fourth thing that you should know is exactly where you should file the bankruptcy claim. Your attorney should advice you accordingly and how to get to the station and the kind of documentation required.

Last but certainly not least, you have to know the after-effects of filing for bankruptcy. The moment you file for bankruptcy, your creditors will be notified by the courts and will be barred from contacting you for any payments, which will be followed by a hearing in court. From there, the case will proceed as per the type of bankruptcy filed.

Boiled down, keep in mind that this is your fight hence you have to be really involved in the case and follow it to completion. Don’t just leave everything to your attorney; instead, you should work together for success.

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