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How Link Directories Generate Traffic

Date Added: March 24, 2010 03:28:37 PM
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It is every website owner’s wish to have as much traffic as possible towards their site. Not only does this build the site’s page rank on search engines but also leads to more income for e-commerce enabled websites. Site owners are therefore actively investing in marketing and promotion of their sites with the ultimate goal of generating more traffic. Internet marketers on the other hand are coming up with new and creative ways of working round this time consuming and seemingly expensive endeavor that is e-marketing.

One of the best and proven methods of e-marketing is link directories and article submission. This involves writing SEO optimized articles that well highlights a link to your website, and posting these on article directories that are keen on search engine optimized content. Readers of these articles will then be directed to your website through the link, thereby generating traffic. A not so complicated task, it has proved to be very popular among e-marketers for it’s a two- thronged approach to site promotion. Not only does the article provide highly rated website content, but the articles can be posted in several of these article directories widening the net from which traffic will come from.

Building higher traffic leads to higher visibility by search engines and therefore higher and better page ranks. A higher page rank has the multiplier effect of generating more traffic and with more traffic comes higher incomes from e-commerce enabled websites. It is therefore clear that all e-marketing efforts should be directed towards your website’s visibility and therefore the need for link building through link directories. Search engines such as Google use technical analytical tools (such as Google Analytics) to rank websites according to their popularity. This popularity is simply the number of clicks the site gets from the search engine’s listing, as well as the number of unique visits the site has, over time. It is building these visits that are the core of link building activities as well as content submission to article directories.

Such article and link building efforts should continually be done for success to be attained. It is not a one off task, as the link directories continually grow. New websites with fresh content are developed daily, and it is therefore of utmost important to track the progress of the link building efforts by generating of new content and building new links with these new websites. Search engines are also very keen on content that is relevant and up-to-date and will move fast to rank frequently updated sites higher than merely static sites.

For success to be achieved with article directories, the article content should be as relevant as possible and be posted in the most relevant category in the directories. The same applies to link directories where categories are available. This reduces any risk of having the link or the article being flagged and removed as spam by the directory owners. It is also important to, as much as possible, use manual directory posting. Search engines are keen to remove automatically posted links.

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