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Getting a Law Degree

Date Added: April 16, 2010 03:48:44 PM
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The law is typically very complex and is also a vital source of information for the running of any country. Knowing the laws that affect you personally is even challenging since there are probably several hundred in your state and smaller community that impact you in some way.

Knowing the Law

One way to know the law is to study it. Obtaining a degree in law is quite challenging and typically takes at least six to eight years to complete. You will need to successfully complete at least one entrance exam to be admitted to law school which begins after you have obtained a degree from a traditional university or college.
You will also need to bass your state’s bar exam. The bar exam is a comprehensive test that requires extensive knowledge about the subjects you studied in law school.

Choosing a Law School

When you choose a school to obtain your law degree from you will want to make sure that your school is accredited. This means that you will be able to use your education for a career in law; without accreditation you probably will not even be allowed to take the bar exam.

Doing well on your entrance exams and in your traditional college classes will help ensure that you will gain entrance into the right school for you although successful entrance in your favorite school is not guaranteed. Often, applicants will need to have an application and several references before they are considered for entrance.

What You Can Do

With a law degree you can open your own practice or join a firm of lawyers to serve clients. A law degree does not guarantee a position in a law firm but it certainly is a good beginning. The type of law degree you obtain will have an impact on the type of job you can get.

Your career will probably begin with an internship if you have a lower level law degree. Some people who have an advanced law degree can teach other students or open a specialized firm for consumers.

Types of Law Practices

There are several types of law practices including lawyers who specialize in family law, real estate or even work for the state as a criminal prosecutor. You will need some practice before you actually appear in court as the primary lawyer.

Your internship will provide the background you need to practice law on your own. There are several ways to gain an internship although your law school is the easiest way to find one that fits your personal knowledge and needs.

Overall, becoming a lawyer takes about ten years before you can practice on your own but it is well worth the wait.

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