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Date Added: August 22, 2008 02:29:47 PM
Author: M Gravlee
Link directories are simply a collection of links to websites which have been categorized to benefit the consumer as well as the website. When you post your site’s link on one of the top quality link directories you will begin to realize much more inbound traffic arriving at your website.

Once you have successfully submitted your links to the top link directories online you should be able to visualize some of the benefits immediately. Your website will be sitting in the top of the search results pages in the various search engines as a result of the increased amount of inbound traffic arriving to your website.

Your page will then be viewed as more credible than some of the other websites since it has been listed higher in the search engines. These benefits are extremely important when you are running an online business since online businesses are often based on popularity rather than any other criteria.

There are essentially two ways in which to get your website listed in the link directories; you can either pay for your link to be listed or you can submit your link to be posted for free. When you pay to have your website added to a link directory you are guaranteed to have your particular link posted within a specific period of time which is typically a few weeks.

Free link directories do not offer any sort of guarantee but it may possibly take up to six months for your website to be successfully listed in the free link directories. Some of these free link directories can be an important asset to your business so even if you pay some link directory sites to have your link posted you should still make good use the free link directories.

One of the major projects that will help your online business become successful is being knowledgeable in optimizing your link directory titles and descriptions prior to submitting them to the directories. Your title is especially important and should contain information about your specific business. As an example, if you have an online gardening business then you will want to use the keywords which would interest your target audience gardeners. You may want to include both general and specific terms such as gardening and California if you are based in California and stock plants that grow well in California.

You should try to keep track of your link directory submissions since it takes quite a while to achieve an active listing on these directories which are free. Submitting your link more than once will not make the process go any quicker and listing more than once may possibly cause some annoyance among the administrators of the link directory website.

You should do some research and find the best link directories to submit your website.  We think the best General Link Directory is
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