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Find the Best Estate Planning Attorney

Date Added: June 07, 2010 03:23:35 PM
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The task of looking for an estate planning attorney to help you come up with a solid and useful plan can seem like an exercise in futility, not to mention a daunting task as there are millions of such attorneys out there today. However, with some little help and guidance and when armed with a pre-plan, you ought to get a list of highly qualified estate planning attorneys for your consideration. Here are top 5 ideas that you can use to help you single out the best estate planning attorney.

- Look for referrals from friends, relatives, acquaintances and business associates. Ask them to suggest an estate planning attorney that they know of. Nothing can be more reassuring than knowing that the attorney you are about to deal with was not only recommended by a satisfied client but also a client who you trust very well. You shouldn’t however limit yourself to people you know; you can meet like-minded people on the internet too and ask for recommendations or even via the phone.

- Call your local Bar or State Association   The Bar Association is the other excellent option that you have at your disposal to find a reliable estate planning attorney. Every state has its own bar association with literally hundreds and hundreds of members. Additionally, by using the Bar Association to look for an estate planning attorney, you can take advantage of the huge database which contain ratings given to attorneys -- something with can greatly help you make an informed final decision.

- A real estate attorney can also give you reliable referrals. When dealing with the purchase and sale of real estates, homes and businesses, estate planning attorneys and real estate attorneys will most of the time interact to work together.

- You should check with your financial adviser if you are privileged enough to have one and ask them for referral. Many a times, because of their scope of work, financial advisers interact with estate planning attorneys in different fronts and can be of significant help when looking for a planning attorney.

- Same applies for your income tax preparer. Give them a call and ask whether they can refer someone they know or have dealt with at some point in time. More often than not, real estate attorneys interact with tax preparers when dealing with estate income taxes and trusts. This therefore gives you a great opportunity to gain immeasurable insights that you can add to your search for a competent estate planning attorney

Simply consider the above list as the starting basis for your search of an estate planning attorney. You should talk to professionals in other fields and you shouldn’t also fear walking into a real estate office and asking a broker there. Finding the best estate planning attorney is all about seeking useful information and networking, something which you can do very well when you have time on your hands. As such, you shouldn’t be in a hurry when searching for an estate planning attorney, as you can land on just any one and not the best that you deserve, something which you could get with little search and knowing the right places to search.

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