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Characteristics of a Good Defense Lawyer

Date Added: April 05, 2010 02:48:59 PM
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Majority of criminal defense lawyers mostly find their clients in dire need of an attorney, failure to which they might end up in jail or worse, be sentenced to death. When someone is accused of a crime, the first course of action therefore should be to contact a defense attorney right away. A good defense attorney ought to defend and represent anyone who has committed a crime to the best of their ability. At times however, the attorney can opt out of the case before the case is over, perhaps due to personal conflict when on the case but in most cases, a good attorney worth his salt cannot just leave a client hanging.

In the event that an attorney in the United States opts out of a case, they ought to find a good replacement attorney who will carry the case to completion. There comes a time when an attorney realizes that they are defending the wrong side of the law hence may wish to withdraw from the case. They however cannot just withdraw from the case unless they have another defense attorney to replace them, failure to which they risk being expelled and losing their legal practicing license.

A good defense lawyer should try and negotiate for a deal with the prosecutors, say a lesser sentence or reduced charges. Keep in mind though that depending on the magnitude of the case, the District Attorney can accept to offer a deal or not. There is more to it that a criminal defense attorney does than simply examining a witness and arguing in court. First of all, they see to it that the defendant understands the magnitude of the case and all that is at stake and secondly, they formulate a viable sentencing program customized to the client’s needs for instance like offering rehabilitation instead of jail time.  

Most of the times when a client is highly likely to be given a death penalty, the defense attorney will advise the client to either give in or fight depending on what really is at stake. A good defense lawyer is further familiar with procedures and rules of the court as well as all important and applicable laws as the system tends to have so many loopholes. Being familiar with these loopholes help the lawyer know how to maneuver and win the case.  

Further, a good attorney knows what the jury wants and expects to hear, and state clearly in the opening and closing remarks during a court hearing proceeding. They understand what the costs of pleading guilty will be, and how it is going to affect the client’s future life, perhaps when they will be marked as a criminal. The defense lawyer ought to spend enough time on each case trying to win it. More often than not, a defense lawyer will represent just about anyone who can be able to hire their services, but they are at liberty to choose who to represent or not.

Most of them however will go with the clients that they truthfully want to help whether or not the client is innocent or guilty. They however have to follow professional codes of ethics in choosing the case that is important to them. After that, they should then engage the services of an investigation team to find out vital information out there that is likely to make the information presented by witnesses less laudable. They will endeavor to do whatever it may take them and whatever is within their power to represent their clients to the best of the ability and win the case or land the best possible verdict as per the magnitude of the case.

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